all mixed up.





I have learned to make my body the main leader on any project. I ask her first and foremost for any ideas and inspiration or for help. I refuse to compromise her. PERIOD.




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this is where i tell my story. how i am the child of interracial marriage. I am an older sister, i'm an air force brat and then i grew up and grew out of the brat part but the constant moving and grieving over the lost friends and the new surroundings - and languages, left me feeling lonely and anxious so being an artist taught me how to function in the world.

I am a grad student at The New School. I am an actor and a director and a producer and an entrepreneur.

for me achieving a goal is less satisfying than the growth that occurs while in pursuit of the goal. That means I love making stuff happen but it is the HOW it happens that shapes the experience and the people participating in it.





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