EXS at Work




  •  Interdepartmental collaboration                                   
  • Team building
  • Trust building                                                                            
  • Strengthening Communication

experimental studio at the workplace -

this is what you get:

  • Inspiring Innovation                                                              
  •  Interdepartmental collaboration                                   
  • Team building
  • Trust building                                                                            

is this method for you? 

wanting to bring in some workplace wellness?

wanting to launch a new product or rebrand and your team needs to go deep for this one?

having some intense communication difficulties?

introducing new approaches, methodologies or  systems internally?

introducing a new addition to the company?

- all of these, none of these or anything else can be addressed, supported and facilitated with a few hours, days or longterm collaboration with the Experimental Studio team.


the world is an experimental studio

for me, experimental studio is how the world works. THE WORLD IS AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDIO. and a such we work to encourage and facilitate exploration of your environment in a safe and comprehensive fashion.  

experimental studio is really anything you need it to be put in a clear format so everybody knows whats going on and why we're doing this. Its super hippy dippie or pretty much business consulting except not from an MBA point of view but from a BFA MA'AME kinda approach. change, if we can accompany it with curiosity and kindness is always better. 

Start – up

    Facilitating the creative process


experimental studio is the HOW part of the process to greatness. it is an opportunity to apply your artist self to the problem at hand. specifically that can mean anything from the way you conduct staff meetings to making 20% more revenue in a fiscal year. what's special about this approach is it is generative, that means there is some sort of embodied, performative aspect to the work. this is really great to practice vulnerability, strengthen teams and make the brain develop new pathways. Through embodiment we become more empathetic and our learning is visceral. we walk away as more aware of ourselves, others around us, more grounded, less anxious - and it's fun! I promise!

             Mini retreat in a fast paced setting

                          Vision, mission, goals, strategy

                                            Networking, partnerships, launching