I believe that every human being has greatness inside of them. Some people might already believe this of them self. They have a feeling: I am great. I have greatness within myself. I can feel it. I can use it. I can act on it. Some folks may not be quite be there yet.  
No matter where you stand in matters of confidence, self love, self power or inspiration for your life, I would love to find out how we can work together.   

I work with people on all ends of this spectrum to find their greatness. Name it. Use it and connect in the world.  

 We can work together to build a more intimate relationship to your intuition, your voice, your body, your creativity.  

 We can work together to transition out of or into a new life.  

 We can work together to manifest your next career goal, or income level.  


Lili Alice Walker Stiefel

is a cis gendered, white passing black woman based in New York City.

Further she describes herself as an artivist and artrepreneur. She studied acting at Schauspiel Schule Charlottenburg, Berlin, received a BFA in Dramatic Arts from The New School for Drama at College of Performing Arts (focus on Directing) and holds an MA in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship from College of Performing Arts. As an actor, director, teacher and creative producer, she is building a nonlinear, global, project based career that manifests triangularly from Europe, to North America and Africa.

Experimental Studio is a creativity consulting firm built from her vision of the world that marries artmaking/artistic expression with entrepreneurialism and activism.

With EXS Lili works One x One, in schools and at work.

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