EXS at School



artists need space to make their work without outside agendas. first year is a unique and precious situation. Experimental studio enables the first year class to collaborate in a never before way.

its ex-per-imen-tal studio time! fam! the best time of the year! 

Here's what it is:

experimental studio is the time in your freshman fall semester at this new performing arts institution, in a perhaps uproaring time in your life - it's fucking college!!!! - where you get to walk into a generative space (a rehearsal room) and work with your new cohort in a playful, exciting, challenging and expanding way that ends up in a performance. YOU WILL BE PERFORMING IN FRONT OF INVITED AUDIENCE EXACTLY 5 WEEKS AFTER YOU START SCHOOL.

Warning: this program is for those, who are profoundly aware that they are a mutherfucking artist. all y'all are here cause y'all are artists.  i'm so excited to welcome you into the room to shine and share your magnificence.

so. the details are as follows. the program is a 4 hour rehearsal once a week and after 4 weeks, there is a showing of the work in progress/ an open conversation. that's the basic idea.

- each institution has specific needs and fosters unique academic and artistic culture and we will be able to adapt the program in a way that serves you best. we will consult and devise the steps and approaches that will support your institution, faculty and students holistically. 


Time: typically first 4 weeks of semester

here are some questions to ponder:

will this program be best student run or faculty?

are we excited about bringing in outside audience or would we rather keep it internal?

Is 4 hours enough time for us ? What are the parameters of the program? should we shift them?

what is the single most thing you would like to shift at your institution?

what are your hopes and dreams for this incoming class?

what is the diversity of talent/trade and how is this group best served in collaboration?

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  •     Intimate, safe space to try something new and celebrate their skills  
  •     Connection to upper-classmen
  •     Space to integrate outside the classroom experiences into their process
  •     Opportunity to make something independently from teacher’s gaze
  •     First opportunity to perform
  •     Welcoming tradition of new students – a way to introduce the new            class to the wider department/school


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    Building a cohort

           Interdepartmental collaboration

                     Networking with established industry

                             Opportunity to try something new

                                      Interdisciplinary collaboration