Lili Alice Walker Stiefel


Lili Alice Walker Stiefel is a German-American mixed race multidisciplinary theatre artist or creative entrepreneur currently based in New York. She is an MA candidate '19 for Arts Management and Entrpreneurship at The College of Performing Arts at The New School.

currently she is working on her capstone project The MIXED MUSEUM - a mixed experience of contemporary women and their stories and the history of what made them. 

Lili was born in California, moved to Kansas, then to Germany, then Singapore, then back to Germany, then New Mexico, then back to Germany, then Minnesota, then back to Germany to graduate high school near Frankfurt. Then she moved to Berlin for acting conservatory - loved the city, hated the industry, needed more points of view - moved to New York, fell in love, found a home.

Her work combines her love for music (played the french horn and guitar and sings) with her love for performance (has been dancing and moving competitively and for fun and for work since the age of 8, or maybe 4) with all her feelings of being a human in the world (also a black woman, also white passing, also cis gendered) and synthesizes it through artistic excellence and discipline.  

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Her Blog - She interviews Directors features cool directors talking about their work, their process and their opinions on the industry.